Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kigali Crafts makes 'Lens Of The Day' on Squidoo

Congratulations to Amy Trumpeter and the Kigali Crafts team. The Squidoo lens on Kigali Crafts is 'Lens Of The Day' today. Kigali Crafts is a fair trade company that supports Rwandan genocide survivors in their fight against poverty through fair trade.

If you would like to view the Lens Of The Day, follow this link:

How I set up a Fair Trade Project supporting Rwandan Genocide Survivors

You can find out what Kigali Crafts is all about by watching 'The Alysia Judge Show' on YouTube. 'The Alysia Judge Show' is directed by Grace Jamieson at The TFTV Department, University of York.

Gaining the featured spot of 'Lens Of The Day' on Squidoo will raise interest in international development through fair trade, and, of course, raise interest in the Kigali Crafts project itself. Many thanks to Squidoo for supporting this amazing project.

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