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This blog is to gather information and present it to those interested in international issues. The international development blogger does not form political opinions or engage in political advocacy, it simply presents facts to help you to make up your own opinion.  If you feel that we have been misinformed or not fully presented our view, please comment on the blog and if appropriate (not offensive), your comments will be approved and published.

Writers for the international development blog have either a degree or MA relating to the issues raised, or on the ground experience in a developing country. The material is edited by Amy Trumpeter, the Managing Director of Kigali Crafts Ltd.

The material in this blog is Copyrighted. If you wish to use any of the content or images featured here, please email kigalicrafts@gmail.com to request permission.

From time to time, we may use images and videos from other sources, at which point we will credit the source and create a link where possible. If you feel that your work has been used without permission or without credfiting you, please contact us and we will rectify the situation.

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